Rizoma Field School, Colonia Uruguay

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Rizoma, or Rhizome (in English), is a “a continuously growing horizontal underground stem that puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals” (1). In the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, a rhizome is “non-hierarchical, heterogeneous, multiplicitous, and acentered” (2).

The Rizoma Field School is a place that seeks to put forward ideas about a future that is not only sustainable, but regenerative. A place to consider resilient paths toward the future. The central principle guiding our teaching is how to make the human and natural world healthier and more diverse, which includes social equality, freedom and tolerance.

We consider both the challenges we face in the social, ecological, economic and political realms, and then we consider a diverse set of solutions to those presented problems. We draw from ancient ideas and practices through modern inventions. No idea is off limits for discussion and debate in order to reach the ultimate goal of making and re-making a sustainable future.

Working from the idea that critical learning must take place in context, Rizoma Field School seeks to pair ideas with experiences in order to facilitate meaningful long-term changes in thinking and behaviors for our students. The ultimate goal is that students leave Rizoma not indoctrinated with our philosophies, but with an intellectual and experiential toolkit with which to take to their part of the world and their life’s work.

Rhizomes form a network through which to share resources (3). At Rizoma Field School, we hope to educate a network of individuals who can hack, subvert, create, resist and share strategies across contexts. Join us in envisioning and creating a world that can be continually better for all its inhabitants.

Rizoma School online (Gumroad): https://app.gumroad.com/rizomaschool