Learn hands-on about how to build a sustainable and regenerative world.


We are Ashley and Patrick, a couple of Chicagoans turned Uruguayans. We have moved our family to Uruguay to learn how to practice a form a regenerative agriculture and sustainable living. We want to share our lives and networks here in order to expose others to resilient ways of living that exist here in Uruguay.

South America is at the cutting edge of envisioning a sustainable future from the landless peasants movement of Brazil (MST) to being home to the former ‘poorest president in the world’ Jose Mujica. Uruguay is an ideal place to consider a future that is not only sustainable, but regenerative. We want to consider how to find a way for humans to live well while making the Earth healthier and more habitable, both socially and ecologically.

In our courses and projects, we consider how to take on this task by melding classroom learning with international field experience. How do you set up a cyclical waste system and why is it important? How does social equality contribute to a resilient society? How do economic systems impact how we interact with nature? What are the ways in which our micro decisions scale-up and how do we consider those decisions in daily life? We will contemplate these questions through the lens of history, philosophy, literature, cinema, art, agriculture, sociology, and environmental studies. We want to teach you both the philosophy and practice so that you may bring these principles to your corner of the world.


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