Meet our instructors

washington spring 2009 005

Ashley Colby, PhD
I’m a PhD candidate in environmental sociology at Washington State University, the department that founded the subdiscipline. I am focusing on subsistence food production as a potentially revolutionary act. I got my MA in sociology at WSU in 2013, and my BA in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago in 2007. I’ve travelled to over 30 countries and used to drive an 18-wheeler.
I can teach courses from beginning sociology through upper-level classes on: globalization, food and agriculture, environment, sustainability, inequality, social movements, family and gender.
chicago 2011
Patrick Fitzgerald, MA
I have been a Spanish teacher for almost a decade at both the high school and college levels in the United States. I have my BA in Spanish Teaching from the University of Illinois and my MA in Foreign Languages and Cultures from Washington State University. Along with different kinds of language instruction (formal grammar and/or immersion training), I have also taught Spanish language literature and art. I especially like 20th century Spanish cinema and cinemetrics.
Rotating and visiting instructors
We would like to have a variety of rotating instructors with expertise in a wide-range of substantive areas. These instructors can offer courses in: market farming, entomology, organic pest management, alternative grains, environmental crime, Bhutanese organic farming, gross national happiness, migration, inequality and more.
Through the expertise of these instructors, we can offer a diverse set of courses depending on interest or institutional requirements.

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