Rizoma Spanish Immersion


We are now offering intensive Spanish language immersion classes for all levels, both in person in Colonia, Uruguay as well as online through Skype sessions.

We offer both individual and group sessions, depending on scheduling and needs.

Immersion language learning is at the cutting edge of language learning theory and practice around the world. The leading researchers around the world are using these techniques in classrooms for extraordinary results. Studies have shown that if students are engaged in topics of interest to them, their neural pathways will be more open to using language as a tool, rather than memorizing grammar structures.

Patrick will use immersion techniques with in-context experiences to facilitate rapid Spanish language adoption. Grammar lessons will be provided as needed – as research has shown grammar structure is remembered more readily when are brought on by student-based inquiry.

Patrick has been teaching Spanish Language, Literature and Culture for over ten years. His experience includes leading ages ranging from middle school to adult learners, from the earliest beginning levels all the way to AP Literature and Culture. He earned a Masters of Arts in Foreign Languages and Cultures (Spanish) from Washington State University in 2014 and a Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of Spanish from University of Illinois in 2007.

Skype lessons will last 45 minutes. Fees will be based on number of participants, and we will offer a sliding scale based on income. Keeping in mind the considerable initial travel expense of those seeking a complete immersion setting in Uruguay, lesson rates for in person instruction will be on a per day/trip basis and will include some local transportation and excursions.

Please get in touch with Patrick directly for more information: pfitzger@gmail.com