Current Partnerships

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The Ohio State University


Winter 2019

Inquiries: Connor Jones, BUCK-I-SERV Coordinator

Ashley Colby, Director Rizoma Field School

Washington State University

College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences

Faculty-led Study Abroad

Spring 2021

In development. More information to come.


Jessica Goldberger, Associate Professor WSU

Ashley Colby, Director Rizoma Field School

Student testimonials:

“I learned how important sustainable living is not just because of the environmental impact is has but also because it is also very economical. Hearing that Martin and Paola were going to make a mud house blew me away. Before meeting them I did not know anyone that lived a more sustainable life than them.”

“Active citizenship and direct service can have deep impacts that help improve other people’s lives or makes their lives a bit easier. I was able to experience this first hand and it really drives in the idea of what you are doing. Once you see it in person you will only want to do more to help.”

“On this trip, I learned that service is more easily accessible than I thought. If I see a problem or want to help a cause, I realize that I can find the people that can get me involved. I will also actively promote good and sustainable ideas since I got to learn about them in Uruguay and want to share with my friends and family.”

“The world that we live in seems as if it is growing smaller and smaller and the way people notice this is through cultural diversity. People notice different mannerisms, customs, foods, language, clothing etc. These things are very interesting to me and I love learning about them and how they came about.”

“While on the ASB trip I became fascinated with the mate culture of Uruguay! This is something that I will continue to practice here in Moscow and I hope people that I meet will be interested in it as well.”

“Before the trip I would say I was just a volunteer and after the trip I feel like an active citizen for taking action. Right now I am thinking about applying to be a student leader for an ASB trip which is not something I would have even considered before the trip.”

“I just wish I could do another one next year but there’s that whole graduation thing in May! Overall, this was an amazing and eye-opening experience.”

“I wanted to tell you guys just how much I appreciated this opportunity and all I have learned from your family and way of life. I raved to my parents and all my friends about how much I loved Uruguay and all the people we got to help. I feel so lucky to have gotten to go on this trip and meet all of you. Currently in the process of setting up a recycling initiative in my sorority (baby steps) and composting all our left over food to the back yard area, to hopefully start a small garden! Moscow is cold, windy and I have yet to see the sun.  I could really use an afternoon at the beach and eating some of Pablo Jordan’s delicious food. I am so grateful for your hospitality and wish you guys all the best!”