Below you will see a list of current and former partnerships who have worked toward sustainable transitions with Rizoma Field School.

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Developing a survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on small-scale, agroecological producers in Uruguay: “Nueva encuesta de impacto de pandemia de coronavirus para pequeños agricultores de nueva entrada y alternativa en América Latina” With Dr. Steven McGreevey

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The Ohio State University


Winter 2020

Inquiries: Connor Jones, BUCK-I-SERV Coordinator

Ashley Colby, Director Rizoma Field School

Student testimonials:

“Would you recommend this experience? YES! 100% Yes. I learned so so much from this trip and it challenged me in new ways.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“I just want to say THANK YOU 1,000,000 for this experience. I learned so much this week and am excited to go home and implement some ideas I learned here into my life. Keep doing what you’re doing, you guys are incredible human beings and are making a huge difference in this world.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“On this trip I learned you can live comfortably with less and it is important to focus more on family and community.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“I want others to grow in the same ways I have and to have this motivating experience. I needed a trip like this to give me the ability to feel the importance of my everyday choices regarding the environment, as well as my interactions with people.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“I realized that I can make a difference. The sounds cliché, but seeing what Patrick and Ashley has done was truly inspiring to me. What’s important is that I start to make small, reasonable changes in my day to day life.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“I would recommend this trip to any students, regardless of area of study, so long as they are open minded. I knew very little about sustainability coming in, and realized I knew even less than I thought at the conclusion of the trip. But Patrick and Ashley did an awesome job reminding us that we don’t have to always be taking huge steps, and that small steps are fine.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“I’ve been on three alternative breaks in the U.S. as well as having experience srarting a medical service-learning trip to Ghana as well, and this was by far the single most comprehensive experience I’ve had. No trip has taught me more, and more importantly make me think more, than this trip. I hate to sound cliché but it has truly changed my perspective, and exceeded every expectation I had.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“I loved how you had a REAL relationship with every single community partner whom we’ve worked with. Sometimes international volunteering can be harmful/exploitative, but with more people like you guys we can avoid that. Thank you also for just being awesome people who are not only fun to talk to, but make you think about stuff. To me, even though I’ve only known you for 10 days, I consider you both to be role models. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for a truly incredible experience – I’ll never forget this.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

“This trip changed my life. I feel more equipped to live a life with my values after learning from everyone here. I am so thrilled to go home and share what I learned.” – Ohio State University Student, Buck-I-SERV 2019

Washington State University

College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences

Faculty-led Study Abroad

Spring 2021

In development. More information to come.


Jessica Goldberger, Associate Professor WSU

Ashley Colby, Director Rizoma Field School



Alternative Service Break

Winter 2018

Winter 2019

Travel to Uruguay in the South American summer with Rizoma Field School! A small country wedged between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay offers a unique mix of European, Latin and African-influenced cultures, beautiful rolling countryside, and some of the world’s most progressive policies supporting both human happiness and preserving the natural environment. The group will ring in the new year with a traditional Uruguayan asado celebration, which centers around grilling food outdoors, drinking yerba mate (an Uruguayan tea), music, and sobremesa: the concept of chatting around a table during meals. Next, participants will work closely on projects with small-scale agricultural producers who do a mix of subsistence production and some agricultural production for sale. These small producers strive to use only organic principles, but they are being challenged in their ability to subsist on the land by the introduction of industrial agriculture to Uruguay in recent decades. We will support these farmers through various projects including: road repair, planting, harvesting, or preparing soil organically. These projects will help to support the continued resilience of these farmers in their challenge to live with minimal impact on the environment. The work will be physically challenging, but in doing this work you will be making a significant impact on the small-scale farming community in Uruguay, and in doing so you will learn about a resilient way of life that has been flourishing in this region for centuries.